Hi, I'm Ryan, an Interaction Designer

I'm a recent graduate of Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and game fanatic.
In addition to my skills in game design, I'm a computer geek, watch nut, model builder, illustrator, and much, much more. I've got plenty of experience in team environments and could be playing for you.

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Waypoint Cafe

Games / Story / Interactive / Critical
Waypoint Cafe is a single player story-based game geared towards casual gamers who enjoy shorter narrative experiences. The game is set in a fictional city where aspects of daily life, such as work and social interactions have been gamified. Putting players in this strangely familiar environment, Waypoint Cafe draws parallels with our own data-obsessed culture, exploring privacy and media influence through a critical lens.
I'm a firm believer in fun. Growing up, it was always my dream to work on the very video games that I was playing. In my free time you can find me drawing pictures, tinkering with electronics, messing with code or playing games.

I recently graduated Emily Car University of Art & Design with a bachelors in Interaction Design. Before that I worked as a graphics designer at Allied Architects International.

I'm currently polishing up my skills in UI design and Motion graphics. If you feel like we could work together (or play together) drop me a line!

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